New Zealand becoming more popular than Australia

Over recent years, the number of people migrating to Australia has been on the decline as figures show that New Zealand is becoming the favoured choice. New migrants are finding New Zealand to be a more appealing place to live and renowned blogger Colin Espiner gives a few reasons why:



l        New Zealanders are friendlier. Foreigners are constantly commenting on New Zealand’s friendly nature; the way we smile to strangers in the street and the way that we are very approachable and are always willing to lend a hand.

l        Small is beautiful. To travel to any other city around New Zealand will take you a minimum time of 1 hour. Between towns it can only take up to 15 minutes! A change of scenery is only just around the corner in NZ.

l        The cost of living is less. On average New Zealand’s consumer, restaurants, groceries and power prices are 16.7% cheaper than in Australia. Rental property prices in Australia are 38.26% higher than in NZ.

l        New Zealand’s cuisine is more appetising. New Zealand cuisine is largely driven by local ingredients and seasonal variations.New Zealand is a major producer of pasture-fed meats and is well-known for having abundant           fruit and vegetables at affordable prices.

l        New Zealanders have a relaxed outlook on life. New Zealanders are known to be very easy going carefree people. New Zealanders like to live in the moment and be adventurous.

l        New Zealand’s indigenous culture. The Maori heritage is an immense asset to New Zealand. As a nation, New Zealand embraces the Maori element of its culture and in recent times there has been a resurgence of Maori language and culture. Maori culture has thrived because in many ways Maori have succeeded in uniting traditional culture with contemporary interpretation.

New Zealand is an accommodating, gorgeous country with much to offer any visitor or migrant. The supportive and friendly environment is the perfect setting to make New Zealand the first choice for a study destination.